We are a regional Agency with Offices in Jeddah, Dubai, Beirut & Amman – covering GCC regions and Levant. Built on the foundation of local experience with global exposure, we Provide a fully integrated approach that are experts in delivering local Brand solutions, Creative Communication, PR , Digital Technology , Media Solutions & Consulting Services.

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Our Approach


Our partners come first with value you will be proud to see delivered.


We are a small team that will help you seize opportunities quickly and easily.

We are your hub, connected to a range of partners that will serve your specialized needs.

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We ask questions and do our research until we find the right ideas; the ones that click.

Keeping brand core values & essence as a cornerstone, our strategy is built paving the way for an optimized impact.

Our solutions are derived from brand bespoke ideas to optimize audience reach.

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grayscale photo of rope
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clear glass chess piece
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grayscale photo of person holding lighted candle
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grayscale photo of trees on field
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spiral staircase

Meet The Team

Wissam Sammak

Senior Strategic Creative Director

Aline Abou Diwan
Dan Dimmock
Khaled Kannan

Managing Director


Bassel Kassas

Brand Consultant


Thomas Issa

Media Managing Director

Creative Director

Elie Zenieh