We are a brand agency & consultancy based in Jeddah, KSA, founded in 2012

We offer a range of services to a combination of local, regional and global clients

We come with top multinational agency experience (FP7, Team Y&R, Law & Kenneth Worldwide)

Wissam Sammak

Managing Director

Over 25 years of experience in advertising. Parted from FP7 after as Operations Director to start Connect Communication

Bassel Kassas

Deputy Director

Over 20 years of experience in advertising. Parted from FP7 as Client Management Director to start Connect Communication

Connect team -

“We are very proud to have built a reputation for being creative, effective, and exciting to work with”


Our Agency


We act as a hub to a range of specialized partners


Our unique size helps us seize opportunities quickly and easily


We only strive for the best results in our work and for your goals

Our Approach


We ask questions, research, and analyze, until we find the right idea


We brainstorm as designers looking to connect your brand and its audience


We develop a tailored direction and plan for your brand and its goals

Our Team


We look to learn, lead, and grow as entrepreneurs who deliver


We are inspired by helping to connect brand to their audiences


We put our work and our partnered clients first in all that we do


  • The bottlenose dolphin has been noted for its complex and elaborate communication ability
  • Communication plays an essential role in the bottlenose dolphin’s ability to form social relationships, hunt for food, and send out a message
  • Our agency holds a similar regard for communication. We leverage it to help your brand develop a connection amongst an audience, seize opportunities, and of course convey a message
  • We keep Bottlenose Communication in mind as our guide to developing insight, creating ideas, and outlining strategy, in order to ensure your brand communication is engaging, meaningful, and purposeful
  • Clicks are used by dolphins to sense the world around them and gain a remarkably detailed navigational picture of their surroundings
  • We follow a systems thinking view of the world in a similar way, incorporating the circular nature of the world we live in, aware of the role of insight in creating an ideal game plan
  • We recognize that we are interrelated and have the will to see a situation more fully so we look to identify patterns and events as well as the underlying structures that drive them
  • We understand that we impact other parts of a system so we work seamlessly within our greater environment and look to positively influence it
  • Whistles serve the purpose of allowing dolphins to communicate with one another. In other words, it is the means by which dolphins establish a connection
  • Your brand is a collection of people (leaders, executives, customers) that all share certain brand values. We look to empower your people with a whistle, a platform to build your connection
  • Through the lens of design thinking , we focus on who the audience is and what your customers really want as the centerpiece of communication
  • Our solution driven approach presents a path towards rapid conceptualization and development of ideas by creatively de-framing and re-framing all components of your brand into a final game plan
  • Every dolphin has a signature whistle, a unique sound only it can produce and only it can be identified by
  • When communicating with an audience, brands must penetrate through all surrounding noise in order to get a message out
  • We believe all brands need a signature whistle, a unique selling point, that elevates communication past the noise where it can serve as engaging, meaningful, and purposeful
  • We look to leverage your brands strengths or its existing selling propositions in a differentiated manner so that your brand goals can be achieved and your customers satisfied


Our networked and agile structure is adaptable to the requirements that suit your team

Our hub partners with you to reach out to your customers. We are not channel focused. We are not industry focused.

We have our way of thinking and we just focus on brands. 

A partner to connect your brand

  • Identity creation & definition
  • Storytelling & employee engagement

  • Brand insight & market research

  • Traditional channels & media

  • Products, packaging, & gift items

  • Social Media & Content

  • Environments & retail spaces

  • Events, launches, & exhibitions

  • Mobile & Websites

A partner that serves your needs

As a full-service partner, we help develop a brand strategy and blueprint, along with the design components for the market

As a supporting agency, we help develop specific development to experience plans and material for your targeted goals

As a realization agency, we can design your existing brand strategy and tactics into a final product for the market


The Body Shop Branding

Our team has been working with The Body Shop for over 20 years. We have helped bring together the many components of their brand into a consistent but  meaningful message that has accordingly highlighted The Body Shop’s image amongst consumers

Midea AC Solutions Campaign

In an effort to strongly launch their brand in the KSA, Midea partnered with us to coordinate their communication. We successfully introduced their portfolio of smart AC solutions in a campaign that highlighted the unique features of their products

HH-Shaker Corporate Communication

 In coordination with our digital partners, we helped develop the corporate website for HH-Shaker Group to showcase their rich heritage and prominent portfolio of brands

SAWACO Corporate Identity

SAWACO was looking to redefine itself in the Saudi Market so we worked with their team to craft a new identity that could drive the brand forward in a new era of national prosperity

The Total Brand Experience

In a partnership between France and Saudi Arabia, we set the stage for an exhibition of TOTAL in the motor world

Seasonal Communication Concepts

We have been been in the business of brands in Saudi Arabia for a very long time. Over the years, we have gracefully played a part in the many seasonal events and holidays. Here is a collection of some of the communication concepts we’ve come up with


From the brightest start-ups and challengers through to the most established businesses,

we have worked with some amazing clients.


Connect was able to quickly understand our business and market to develop a comprehensive and robust marketing strategy to achieve our key objectives. They truly provide work with global standard while embracing the local market ethos.”
Muawia Yamak
Marketing Manager at HH-Shaker Group
I’m not at all surprised to see them growing so quickly. It’s all due to hard work, great results and maintaining excellent relationships with clients whilst delivering value for money.”
Richard Mansour
Marketing Manager ar UCA
“Unbelievably good team of people with the most fantastic ideas! Cannot recommend Connect team highly enough.”
Amin Breish
General Manager at Abbar Foods
“Highly service oriented team. It's in times of pressure where you learn to appreciate them being next to you!”
Wassim El Husseini
General Business Manager at Nestle
The ideas you offered really clicked and the feedback was great. Suffice to say, the approach was gorgeous! Creative, complete, and totally convincing work!
Mohammad Al Siddiqi
General Manager at Swissotel Makkah


Bldg.  Attar Center Office 7

St.  Rawdah District Jeddah

Tel.   966 12 275 2855

Fax   966 12 691 2987

Email  info@connect-adv.com

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